Contemporary Pablo Design Tube Top Lamp, White Shade / Charcoal Body, 21″ Near Me

Affordable Pablo Design Tube Top Lamp

Contemporary Pablo Design Tube Top Lamp, White Shade / Charcoal Body, 21″ is a high-value artwork. Magnificent product to decorate your room. You can buy this Pablo Design Tube Top Lamp, White Shade / Charcoal Body, 21″ for $245.

Contemporary Pablo Design Tube Top Lamp, White Shade / Charcoal Body, 21″ Details:

Tube Top comfortably abstracts the classic, domestic lamp silhouette to suit any style of interior. As designer Peter Stathis remarks, Pablo is well known for their rigorously minimal products, and my goal was to augment that range by introducing a new light that applies a modern sensibility to a traditional lamp type. Playing with that traditional form, Tube Top combines a transparent, sculpted acrylic base to support its lightweight mesh shade in tension, allowing the shade to appear to float freely. Tube Top is available in multiple table, floor and pendant models.
Specifications: Tube Top Classic


  • White Shade / Clear Body
  • White Shade / Charcoal Body
  • Charcoal Shade / Charcoal Body
  • Silver Shade / Clear Body


  • Polyester mesh shade
  • Acrylic body
  • Fabric cord


  • Full-range dimmer
  • Multiple sizes for a variety of applications


  • Voltage: 120/220V
  • Cord length: 6′ (182cm)


  • TT 14: (1x) G16 (60W)
  • Glossy White
  • TT 21: (2x) BT-15 (60W)
  • Soft White
  • TT 27: (2x) BT-15 (100W)
  • Soft White
  • TT 60: (2x) BT-15 (100W)
  • Soft White


  • UL Approved components, CE


  • TT 14: 14″H X 9.5″W X 4.5″D
  • TT 21: 21″H X 14.5″W X 6.5″D
  • TT 27: 27″H X 18″W X 9″D
  • TT 60: 60″H X 18″W X 9″D
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