Contemporary 4″ Natural Table Lantern With Milkweed Texture Near Me

Affordable 4" Natural Table Lantern With Milkweed Texture

Contemporary 4″ Natural Table Lantern With Milkweed Texture is a high-value artwork. Magnificent product to decorate your room. You can buy this 4″ Natural Table Lantern With Milkweed Texture for $208.99.

Contemporary 4″ Natural Table Lantern With Milkweed Texture Details:

This 4″ table lantern lamp would be great in the living room, bedroom, or entryway. It is made with our Natural paper with hand harvested Milkweed embedded into each sheet. The paper is coated and sealed for easy dusting, cleaning and durability. The lamp measures 4″ wide by 10″ tall and the base is a hand turned piece of Maple. It comes with a 25 watt equivalent incandescent bulb. 40 watt incandescent bulb maximum.
-Indoor Use

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