Cheap Transitional LED Grand Piano Lamp, Black, 14″ for Sale

Cheap LED Grand Piano Lamp

Transitional LED Grand Piano Lamp, Black, 14″ is a perfect lamp for your piano. Bring light to your brilliant performance at home. You can buy this LED Grand Piano Lamp, Black, 14″ for $187.

Transitional LED Grand Piano Lamp, Black, 14″ Details:

The Cocoweb GPLED14-7D LED Grand Piano 14-inch LED Piano lamp shows that craftsmanship is a time-honored tradition, as alive today as the love for music. In this tradition, Cocoweb Lighting carefully crafts each light for you, using the best available materials, to the highest quality standards. This lamp with its true-sleek design makes a stunning presence in any room and works well with man’s styles of decor. All Cocoweb piano lamps are rolled, polished, buffed, sprayed and inspected for maximum quality.

LED Technology
The only 14″ clip-on piano lamp that comes with the latest LED technology. 18 LED components are pre-installed in the lamp shade. This lamp has a color temperature of 3000k that resembles natural sunlight and is easy on the eyes. Consumes less than 80% the electricity of traditional light bulbs, while providing natural-colored and ample illumination.

Showcasing the classic lines of this piano lamp and cut from the highest quality metal material, this lamp has a black finish that is a matte powder-coated finish. The powder coating will ensure a lifetime of use, free from scratching and marring.

  • Adjustable Gooseneck Piano Lamp
  • The gooseneck on the GPLED14-7D piano lamp allows for great control of directing the light and adjusting the lamp shade direction.

Light Control
The piano lamp is controlled by a sleek on/off toggle switch located on the shade for easy reach and control. A convenient dimmer is also included for light control to better suit the time of day.

The felt-lined clamp base measures 5 1/2″ by 2 1/2″ and adjusts from 3/8″- 1 1/2″, with a factory formed opening for the 10-foot black cord. The thick, yet soft felt lining will protect your music rack from any scratches.

The metal components of Cocoweb piano lights should be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth; use of soaps or glass cleaners may damage the metal finish. This fixture is UL listed and comes with a 10-foot black power cord.

Back with the days on the 1800s people would participate in piano by the light of the candle. It absolutely was not only risky but made it very difficult to go through the new music also to begin to see the keys. A further problem the player needed to deal with was the glare that arrived within the glowing candle, minimizing their sight in the tunes and potentially resulting in a headache.

Its a need for all piano gamers to possess a piano lamp no matter of the things they are, a newbie or a professional in piano taking part in. Try to be aware that correct lighting is very crucial to complete or practice in playing the piano.

The essential concept powering a piano lamp is the user of the lamp will be able to see whatever they are functioning on not having glare immediately with the gentle itself. The piano lamp shade focuses the sunshine over the object the person wishes to mild up and won't enable the sunshine to glow right in to the buyers eyes. There are a number of other employs for this kind of gentle.

Most instances of long-term darkness usually are not this intense, however in case you are suffering similar indicators to those people outlined earlier mentioned, a piano lamp might be able to enable you to as well as your household to delight in a more comfortable musical practical knowledge. Though these lamps aren't for everyone, it's been verified that implementing a piano lamp can greatly raise visibility, capacity to sight-read, ability to understand visual patterns to the piano's surface, and reduce headaches triggered from eye strain.

An LED (Light-weight Emitting Diode) is often a semiconductor that converts electric power into mild. LED Lights has been around since the 1960's. Lately LED engineering has created terrific strides in excessive efficiency, minimal warmth, higher output, safe and eco-friendly lighting. Thanks to their lots of good attributes, LED Piano Lamps are getting to be one in every of one of the most wished-for lights sources to be used on pianos and audio stands, and for musicians on the whole.

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