Cheap Transitional Cordless Piano Lamp, 15 Inch LED Clip-on for Sale

Cheap Cordless Piano Lamp

Transitional Cordless Piano Lamp, 15 Inch LED Clip-on is a perfect lamp for your piano. Bring light to your brilliant performance at home. You can buy this Cordless Piano Lamp, 15 Inch LED Clip-on for $207.

Transitional Cordless Piano Lamp, 15 Inch LED Clip-on Details:

The Cocoweb GPLED50X LED Battery Operated Grand Piano lamp shows that craftsmanship is a time-honored tradition, as alive today as the love for music. In this tradition, Cocoweb carefully crafts each of its piano lighting fixtures, using the best available materials, to the highest quality standards. This brass-accented lamp with its true-sleek design makes a stunning presence in any room and works well with man’s styles of decor. Located in Southern California, Cocoweb’s known for its reputation of providing piano lighting full of true craftsmanship and quality.
Wireless Operation
The Cocoweb GPLED50X cordless lamp operates on four (4) C-sized batteries (not included), giving its owner unlimited versatility in placing the lamp for concert performance or in special locations such as the middle of a living room. One set of batteries could last up to 50 hours of operation–an unmatched performance of energy efficiency with this LED piano light. The LED array includes 12 evenly-spaced LEDs and is designed to last for more than 20 years of use.
Elegant Design
Each Cocoweb piano lamp is rolled, polished, buffed, sprayed and inspected for maximum quality. The GPLED50X features a black finish with brass accents. This battery operated piano lamp has an adjustable clamp for any thickness between 3/8″ – 1″. This lamp has a soft felt installed inside the clamp to prevent scratches to your music stand. The Cocoweb GPLED50X battery operated piano lamp comes with a 15-inch swivel shade that can be adjusted directionally for best illumination. Whether it’s a Steinway, Yamaha, or any other major brand piano, Cocoweb Piano Lamps are designed to fit perfectly with many flexible features.
Advanced LED Technology
The Cocoweb LED piano lighting technology puts the GPLED50X in a class of its own, unmatched by any other similar lights on the market. Cocoweb’s LED technology gives piano lighting a leap in energy efficiency and provides lighting color that resembles natural sunlight and reduces eyestrain over long periods of use. The pre-installed LED lighting array in the lampshade consumes less than half the electricity of traditional light bulbs, while providing ample illumination.

Back during the times on the 1800s individuals would enjoy piano from the mild of the candle. It was not simply dangerous but built it extremely difficult to learn the tunes and to begin to see the keys. A further problem the player had to deal with was the glare that arrived through the glowing candle, decreasing their sight on the music and perhaps inducing a headache.

Its a necessity for all piano players to possess a piano lamp regardless of the things they are, a rookie or a professional in piano participating in. You should be conscious that accurate lights is quite necessary to complete or practice in enjoying the piano.

The basic idea behind a piano lamp is the fact the person from the lamp will be able to see the things they are operating on without glare precisely in the gentle alone. The piano lamp shade focuses the sunshine for the item the consumer wishes to mild up and is not going to make it possible for the light to shine immediately in the customers eyes. There are numerous other works by using for such a mild.

Most instances of serious darkness don't seem to be this significant, then again in case you are suffering comparable signs to those stated previously mentioned, a piano lamp could possibly make it easier to and your loved ones to enjoy a more snug musical expertise. While these lamps are not for everyone, it's been validated that using a piano lamp can significantly enhance visibility, ability to sight-read, capacity to understand visual designs over the piano's surface area, and reduce problems brought about from eye strain.

An LED (Mild Emitting Diode) is known as a semiconductor that converts energy into gentle. LED Lighting has become approximately because the 1960's. Lately LED technological innovation has crafted great strides in excessive efficiency, low warmth, excessive output, harmless and environmentally friendly lights. Due to their quite a few superb qualities, LED Piano Lamps have grown to be among the most ideal lighting resources to be used on pianos and music stands, and for musicians on the whole.

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